Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Bear by the numbers

Number of walls written on: 1
Number of times the Magic Eraser was thrown at me: 6

Number of #2 accidents: 2
Number of baths for Little Bear: 3
Number of plums eaten by Little Bear: 0

Number of water vessels dumped: 3
Number of cups spilled unintentionally: 1
Number of closed water bottles at the table up for grabs: 3

Number of times Little Bear hit me: 4
Number of times I hit back: 0

Number of times I said "I love you" to him: hopefully more than I said "no."
Number of times he said "I love you" to me: at least 10

Number of legs on a centipede: it's supposed to be 100?
Number of centipedes we looked at together: 5, I think
Number of times he had to say "centipede" to get it right: 2

Number of flowers in our yard that Little Bear can identify, both in the yard and in other locations: 4. Tulip, daffodil, dandelion, violet. 5 if you count pine cones.

I felt like I was run over by a truck today after dealing with all the drama. And no nap either, thanks to a 2pm appointment for The Boy, preceded by just enough sleeping in the car to negate the need for a midday snooze. I didn't make it to orchestra this evening, thanks in part to an unfortunate avocado injury. Don't ask. I'll be fine in a few days.

It's so stressful, trying to accomplish anything around the house with a two year old who thinks that he is six sometimes and wants to be a baby other times. And Passover is coming in just a few days, so we need to get ready.

Despite the feeling that Little Bear is working my nerves, I hope that he had enough positives today to make up for the negatives. Overall, I guess I did. And tomorrow's another day...tomorrow, this today will be a yesterday that's gone forever.

Not too soon for me.

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