Sunday, March 27, 2011

Important Dates

I've missed a few dates on my blog this year. Often when certain dates or anniversaries come up, they cross my mind and sometimes cross my blog.

Valentine's Day. Missed that one. I think The Boy was sick with something. Not a major deal around here anyway, although we got some cute cards, and a cranky Boy wrote on a card "Love, The Boy" a few days later. Or a few weeks. It all blurs together.

The Ides of March. Not usually anything special unless perhaps you are Julius Caesar. Or unless you were a friend of mine from high school who died on March 15, 1998, during our senior year. He was flying a plane, as he loved to do more than anything. Something just went wrong. I was reminded that it's better to be good to people...I think of him every year around this time. And I have a former student who wants to fly planes too, and also plays the same instrument.

Another anniversary approaches, probably the most life-changing one thus far, with the possible exception of the kids' birthdays. And that is the first anniversary of the day that we were told that The Boy was done with chemotherapy. It was an easy date to remember--April 1st--because we thought they were joking. Plenty of cancer parents are unsure as to the exact date of off treatment status. You it the last chemo date, 3 weeks later, or the OT scan date? Well, faithful readers will remember that The Boy and Daddy went to the hospital for a GFR and subsequent chemo. They did the GFR, and when the results came back, the doctor decided that the state of The Boy's kidney was not one that could take any more abuse from the toxic chemicals. He was backed up by a doctor who had conducted the original studies, and in those studies, kids were taken off treatment in the middle of the very long regimen and still had favorable outcomes.

Not sure yet what we will do. Actually, we have tickets for Kevin Smith that night, but perhaps a little ice cream cake?

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