Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kick Me

This was supposed to post yesterday. D'oh!

In the past week or two, I seem to have "popped."

As in, I actually look pregnant instead of just appearing like I have some sort of donut habit. And I don't even LIKE donuts that much. Sure, I still remember the ones from Yum-Yum donuts in Bucks County, PA and how amazing they were...donuts are fine but they aren't even in my top ten favorite treats.

Anyhow, it has also been fun to feel those fetal movements, and more so to be able to say, "he's kicking me!" We don't have a name and we really don't plan much beforehand for babies anyway, but I like knowing what I'm having. And there was no doubt, looking at that ultrasound.

I'm not sure if the kids really get it yet. The Boy seems to be interested and nonchalantly accepts the idea of another baby. Meatball doesn't understand, I don't think. He can identify what babies look like, but I don't think he is aware that I'm growing one.

In other news, The Boy has spent a lot of time sick. It's to be expected, given that he hadn't previously been exposed to kids in groups, certainly not without us washing his hands every two minutes. Between preschool and other endeavors such as the "inside playground" and going to the JCC for open gym, he really does see a lot of kids and have the potential for lots of germs. A few weeks ago, we were at the "inside playground" (one of those places with climbing structures and toys and giant blocks and a moon bounce) with friends, and he just started to slow down, all of a sudden. By that afternoon, he had a fever that persisted through his appointment on the 14th..,you know, where the oncologist found the ear infection.

The Boy was given Augmentin, 5.8 cc twice a day. This was one of the first antibiotics he had been given that wasn't a knock-down drag-out IV drug like Cefepime or Vancomycin. Oncology patients and parents probably know those drugs well. I think he was given Flagyl as an oral med about a year ago, to treat C-Diff at home.

Augmentin, for those who haven't heard of it, is Amoxicillin with Clavunate Potassium added. I don't know what that does, but it makes the amoxicillin stronger. It certainly doesn't do good things for the digestion. Poor kid. Glad to say he remains a faithful potty animal.

We were supposed to see the doctor on Monday of this past week to make sure the infection was going away. The night before, his fever went right back up. Great. Saw the doctor, who checked the ear and told me that, oh well, he has some other 3-year-old syndrome.

Then the rash showed up. It started in his cheeks and was covering him by Wednesday night. Roseola.

You know I'd take this stuff any day over cancer. Which sucks and sucks some more.

Permanent perspective shift.

Finally he seemed fine today, just in time for a visit from his uncle and aunts (my brother and all THREE sisters).

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